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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Egg Bread

Making egg bread (or French Toast as some call it) is hardly baking; and neither is it something that most people would need a recipe for - but I love it. When you're looking for something satisfying to make, often you need to look no further than simple, buttery, egg bread.

Serves 2

3 large eggs (If you're only making this for one person, use 2 eggs)
4 slices of thick bread
Splash of milk
2 pinches of salt
Butter, to suit
Dash of oil


  • In a wide, shallow bowl, with a fork beat together the 2 eggs, add a small splash of milk and a sprinkling of salt
  • In a frying pan, melt together a knob of butter on a medium - high heat, and a tiny bit of oil. The butter browns your bread, and the oil stops it burning
  • Halve your bread, and soak each half in the egg mixture for a few seconds, turning over and coating thoroughly before transferring it to the hot pan 
  • When the bottom of the slices turn golden brown, turn the heat down, turn the slices over and add a few more dots of butter throughout the pan.
  • Plate up, and sprinkle over a little more salt, and to be extra sinful, a little bit more butter.

The richer the butter, the thicker the bread and the longer you soak it - the nicer you make it. Enjoy!

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