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Friday, 29 April 2011

Potato Cakes

This recipe is another from the book, the British Food Bible. Potato Cakes are delicious for a snack, with bacon for breakfast, or as a nice change with dinner, served with some lamb. It's also a handy way of using left over mash from the night before. According to the book, for a truly perfect potato cake you must use fresh, piping hot mash, but I've done otherwise and it still tastes gorgeous to me!


550g mashed potato
25g butter
1 egg (optional)
115g plain flour


Whip your mash (either hot or cold) with the egg, butter and seasoning.

Mix together with the flour.  Add 100g of flour at first and keep adding flour when necessary going till you get a good doughy texture.

You could take an opportunity now to mix in an optional extra or two - such as small bits of crispy bacon or some spring onion. I've used some tiny bits of chopped leeks here to match in with the rest of our dinner.

When it has all formed a dough, place onto your work top, which should be well dusted with flour, and sprinkling the rolling pin with flour to give you a helping hand - roll out till the dough is 2cm thick.

Use a pastry cutter to cut into the sizes you desire - larger for a snack on their own, smaller if you wish to serve them breakfast or dinner. If you are preparing these for a dinner party you can make them in advance, dust them well with flour, and place them in between sheets of baking paper. Leave in the fridge till you're ready to cook & eat them.

To cook (from freshly made or chilled and waiting) -  oh a high heat, preheat a griddle (or a frying pan) and sizzle off a small dash of butter.

Cook each potato cake for 2 minutes on both sides, till they turn golden brown. Serve straight away.


  1. I make mine without egg, because I'm a bone idle bint not a domestic goddess like you. Also there has never, ever been any leftover mashed potato in our house. But potato cakes are a wonderful thing either way. Chopped leek is also sort of channelling your Irish roots, no? Inspiration from colcannon and champ!

    Carmina Bezalina

  2. Bezalina, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't know I could also make them cold - the book doesn't half go on about how they must be hot hot hot so thank you!!

    I'm definitely going to bump up the Irish thing and make my next batch with scallions!

  3. I burn my fingers doing it hot, since I'm also too lazy to use a pastry cutter.

    Carmina Bezalina

  4. You can see my one effort without a pastry cutter in the picture, the poor thing. Not only is it misshapen it also looks fairly anaemic!

  5. I've been wanting to make potato cakes for ages but have never got round to looking into how to make them. After reading this post I'm going to make extra mash and get on it! They look great!

  6. They really are so easy, and just a tiny bit messy - depending on how much you throw the flour around when you're rolling.

    Try half a batch with egg and the other half without to see which way you prefer :)